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Josie's Fruit Store
If you are looking for a place to buy fresh and affordable fruits, you are in the right place; here at Josie's fruit store you will find almost every fruits there is available, we have a wide variety of local and imported fruits from here and around the world. You will find our very own sweet mangoes to the rare fruits of other countries.

Josie's fruit store only provides High grade fruits straight from its dealers, partners and other sources. Located in the heart of Manila you will find your self enchanted with the colourful arrangements of fruits and the warmth of its people. That is why it is one of the tourist spot of Manila.

We make fruit baskets made especially for gifts and other festivity. We will free you from the heavy traffic of the metro and the hustle of making sure that the fruits you are fresh and spotless. 

Let us do the work for you. 

Boxes and bulk order are available upon request. You can pick it up or we will deliver it right in your door step.

7D Dried Mangoes are produced using the highest quality Mangoes, from the expertise of Mango farming. Internationally recognize as one of the best dried mangoes around the world. Processed with the finest sugar cane for that pleasing sweetness then the fruits are dried carefully and supervise for cleanliness and quality for it to achieve its exact distinct taste that separate it from the rest. 
If you want something done you have to do it your self! Not Necessarily, With Josie fruit store we will save you from the hustle and the bustle. Give us a call and will make sure that all your demand are met. You don't have to worry about the quality of the fruits we'll personally hand pick them for you. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Bangkok Lanzones, the sweetest of them all. Come on and have a taste, fruit not always available so give us a call and reserve one today.
It doesn't matter what is the occasion. Express your love and care with a fruit basket. Best for corporate event and other festivity, Give it to your friends, family and love ones.
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